Most of us wants to beautify a place and planting decorative flowers can do the trick However, although planting beautiful decorations can give a wonderful ambiance to a place, most plants are difficult to manage and takes up the time to be groomed and cared for.

Are You in Need of a Plant That Does not Give you the Hassle to Grow it?

If you are searching for a nice flower to put in your pot without having most of your time hooked up with taking care of it, our content topic of Bob Vila may assist you with ideas on what type of plants you could grow without having to give up most of your precious time. These plants have the capacity to extend its life with less pampering. You don’t even need a green thumb to do it! All you have to do is put it in your available containers and you’re set to give your space a look of sophistication and elegance even with an ordinary storage.

 Wave Petunias

These beautiful flower may not be unfamiliar for you or for your mothers. It might even be a plant decorating your homes now, but for some new growers out there, these plant might sound foreign and strange to them.For the benefit those who find Petunias uncommon, this type of flower may suit your very sight!This plant grows in different colors and may be advantageous for those color lovers out there. – to name some –  pink, purple, yellow, apricot, red, white and stripes.Wave petunias usually grows vertically and horizontally.Those which crawls horizontally could actually hang down the sides of the pots and may give a a wonderful view to your garden. This kind of flower can actually absorb water in big amounts and can easily adapt to rain. Its maintenance is not going to be hectic for you.



Verbena is an organism which has the characteristic that spreads out and spills over any container it has been planted to.

It grows fast and it can even crawl through walls. Its variety may be from the shades of white, purple and pink. The blend of colors can give a calming effect to the surroundings.This type of plant is a decorative type that can grow easily in any available container and there’s no problem with growing them in warm places.

Sweet Potato Vine

Have you ever heard of people saying beautiful things about sweet potato vines?

Many wouldn’t think a sweet potato vine can be a beautiful decorative plant as theymaybe even wondering whether sweet potato vines grow actual potatoes – actually it does. However, these type of plant is best with its decorative side. Although the type of potato it grows may not be to the tasters liking, for eye appreciation, it is a vine of beauty.

This type of plant may actually be placed indoors or outdoors depending o

n your preference, but you might consider to plant it in dry soil. In most occasions, the color of this plant is purple and lime. An eye-catching plant of beauty to accent every home.


There is quite a variety for this kind of fashionable, leafy organism. It is known to grow easily on any pot and this plant does not easily die. It is seen in shades of greens and reds.

A beautiful combination to match all types of seasons but especially Christmas.

This beautiful plant is used as a highlight to other plant decorations.

It is best grown indoors during the winter season where snow is prominent, but it is also important to put it in a place or a window where the sun could shine its rays on it.

During spring, it might be best put it outdoors. This season is well loved by the coleus plant.


These attractive blue-violet flower in the shape of the fan is a very unique type of plant although it is not something affordable.

Taking care of it may be extra effort on the pocket, but you get your money’s worth.

This extra ordinary flower invites butterflies.

And what can be more beautiful to a home with an exquisite flower and a colorful butterfly to blend with it? It will not only invite the butterflies but it would also attract those visitors to appreciate its beauty.

This flower is not difficult to maintain, so it is not gonna add burden to the chores you already have.

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