10 Best Electric Wheelbarrows in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Electric Wheelbarrows

It is known that wheelbarrow is essential for various kinds of works. In the past, people used manual wheelbarrows in order to handle heavy objects and to perform lots of tasks. However, technology has advanced, and today we don’t have to use manually almost anything. The same thing goes for wheelbarrows.

Today’s electric wheelbarrows are much easier to handle and to use and, what is most important, you don’t have to work that much. Most of them look similar to traditional ones, but they have movement control on right handle, similar to a motorcycle. In the same time, most of them are made with padded handles in order to provide you additional comfort as well as dual AG wheels for handling it over rough terrain.

Best Motorized Wheelbarrows 2020

NameMaximum CapacityBattery voltageBattery lifeCheck Price
Worx Aerocart

(Best Budget and Overall Pick)

300 lbs/1 hour
Power Assist Wheelbarrow200 lbs12 V ( 2 batteries)2-3 hours
GreenWorks GC40L410200 lbs40 V40 minutes (maximum load)
Overland Carts Heavy-Duty Powered Dump CartV750 lbs24 V7 hours (continuous use) 11 hours (stop and start)
Gorilla Carts GOR866D1200 lbs//
GreenWorks GC40L00 G-MAX 200 lbs40 V7 hours (continuous use) 11 hours (stop and start)
Power Assist Wheelbarrow200 lbs24 V7-10 hours (depending on the terrain)
PAW-Power Assisted Wheelbarrow 44023200 lbs24 V/
YARDMAX YD4103660 lbs/2 hours
Snapper XD SXDUC82 82V
220 lbs24 V3 hours

Why should you purchase a motorized wheelbarrow ?

  • It is highly maneuverable – There are different kinds of models for best electric wheelbarrows. Some of them have one, two or four wheels, which makes it easier to maneuver, besides giving you more stability. Rear wheels can spin 360 degrees, which means that you can swing easily from side to side in order to follow front wheels.
  • Handle heavy loads without any effort – The standard for wheelbarrows is 750 lbs., which is great when compared to manual ones that couldn’t take that much. You just have to turn it on and go, without any effort on your behalf.
  • Speed – It is amazing when you use it for the first time because it can go up to 2.4 mph which is pretty quick. That way you can easily walk both forward and backward without any additional problems.
  • Simple to dump – Most electric wheelbarrows are very simple to dump and they always empty completely. When you have in mind all those manual wheelbarrows where the most difficult thing is to empty the container, you’ll see that this is a big plus. It is positioned perfectly to completely empty whatever is inside as soon as you release safety pin.
  • Safety – This is always the main consideration when you are working with any power tool. Most of them contain on/off button and easy to reach control panel so that you can manage and control the unit. As soon as you press the red button, it will immediately turn off.

1. WG050 WORX AeroCartWG050 WORX AeroCart:

If you want to purchase the best electric wheelbarrow then you have to choose this particular one that will provide you with 8-in1 lifting and moving system that can easily convert between yard cart, wheelbarrow, dolly, extended dolly, rock/plant mover, cylinder carrier and trailer tote modes.

It is made with powder-coated steel and it contains the capacity of 300 pounds, with a volume capacity of three cubic feet, which is about one and one-half bags of mulch.

It gives you the possibility to enjoy with its design and the cart can roll easily whatever you want to handle. It is easy to move and has bag holders functional enough for yard waste, but you have to install a mesh platform and extended dolly arms.

When it comes to wheels they are very solid and stable and you don’t have to wonder whether they will break. It comes in different colors which are great for people who enjoy aesthetics as well as functionality.

  • It contains great storage space
  • You will be able to use it for various purposes
  • You can easily reach high branches
  • Shelf size could be bigger

2. 24 Volt Power Assist Wheelbarrow24 Volt Power Assist Wheelbarrow

If you want to move around 200 lbs. of weight, that could be problematic. However, if you decide to choose this particular article, your days of worrying are over. This particular one operates 2 wheel and independent drive system which makes it perfect to handle and maneuver.

It runs on 12 V batteries and of course, you will get the charger in the package. It is designed with high-quality steel which is powder coated for more strength.

You will enjoy a simple movement control system where you have only to push button with forwarding and reverse features. There are two speeds that include power boost for uphill movements. It is perfect for handling it on hard terrain. Tires are made for heavy-duty work and they will adapt almost any terrain. It contains great capability and sturdiness.

  •  It’s easy to assemble and simple to use
  •  It has long-life battery
  •  It is versatile
  •  It is expensive

3. GreenWorks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery and Charger

GreenWorks GC40L410

If you want to enjoy one of the best electric wheelbarrows, then the GreenWorks GC40L410 is perfect one for you. It is developed by a prominent company called Green Works and it contains enough power to carry small to medium sized loads. It comes with throttle control an ergonomic design, which is less comfortable than paddles, but still, you will be able to work long hours without any additional problems.

It works on 40V 4 Lithium-ion batteries and you’ll receive the charger along with the product. The best thing about it is that it charges in 2 hours, and it can work all day long. It is rust-resistant and durable with the possibility to handle 200 lbs.

Wheels are self-propelled and 10 inches long, which is great for handling it on rough terrain. You can easily use it to carry heavy loads and the off-loading handle will help you load-off material in a matter of seconds. It is the best motorized wheelbarrow that you can purchase for this amazing price.

  •  It can handle up to 200 lbs. load
  •  Wheels are specifically made to work on rough terrain
  •  It comes with a handle to easily off-load it.
  • Controls are made of plastic, so they are easy to break

4. Overland Carts Heavy-Duty Powered Dump CartVOverland Carts Heavy-Duty Powered Dump Cart with 8-Cubic-Foot Hopper on 27-Inch Chassis, 750-Pound Capacity

This particular battery-powered electric wheelbarrow is perfect if you want to move stones, dirt, mulch, and everything that you cannot lift. It is safe and secure to use, and, what is most important, it can handle up to 750 pounds on a level surface, or 500 on 3:1 slope.

It is made from heavy-gauge, polyethylene hopper, and its design is great because it contains four wheels for maximum control and stability.

The rear wheels have flat-tires, which means that you can enjoy handling them on rough terrain. It comes with Power X Change 2 Volt rechargeable batteries that can last up to eleven hours of heavy-duty work. That is a great feature when you have in mind that it takes eight hours to charge fully. It can speed up to 2.4 miles per hour, and there is an indicator light that will inform you on battery level.

You don’t have to change and mess with oil, which means that it is eco-friendly and perfect for countries where gas-powered tools are forbidden. The motor is noiseless, which means that you can use it for both outdoors and indoors. When you engage the brake, it can handle the position even on an inclined surface.

  •  It is lightweight
  •  It can handle 750 pounds on level ground and 500 pounds on 3:1 slope
  •  Motor is noiseless which makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Shelf size could be bigger

5. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump CartGorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

This particular poly dump cart little helper is perfect to transport different materials for landscaping projects or garden duties. It is made from high-strength poly with black finish and steel frame. The best thing about it is that is maintenance-free, you can easily clean it and it is rust resistant which means that you can use it for years without any additional problem. The cart is lightweight and perfect to reduce fatigue because it has quick-release dump design.

It comes with pneumatic turf tires that are 13-inch long and pull handles are designed to help you transport dirt, gravel mulch and to plant it across the terrain. These handles are shaped to give you the possibility to hook them up behind lawn tractor in order to use it more efficiently. It has 1200 pound of hauling capacity and quick release ump for easy and fast unloading.

  •  Tires are great to handle on any terrain
  •  Handle is convertible and you can hook it on ATV or lawn tractor
  •  It contains quick-release dump
  • Shelf size could be bigger

6. GreenWorks GC40L00 G-MAX 40V Garden CartGreenWorks GC40L00 G-MAX 40V Garden Cart

If you want to purchase a modestly priced, yet very reliable and effective electric wheelbarrow then you have to choose this particular one. There are numerous features that make it one of the most popular electric wheelbarrows on the market.

It works on a battery that can go up t 40 minutes with maximum load, but on the pavement and flat grass. It is made with rust-resistant and durable cargo tub that can fit capacity up to 200 lbs. Wheels are self-propelled and are 10 inches.

You can easily off-load by using a convenient handle that will make the usual construction activities much more easy and enjoyable. It has an ergonomic design, which means that you will have additional comfort while handling it. The main downside is that it comes without battery and charger, but all GreenWork products have the same chargers and batteries, so if you have any, you will be able to charge them all with the same charger. However, at the same time, there could be a problem if you didn’t possess any Green Work products, prior to buying your new modern wheelbarrow.

  •  Long battery life up to 40 minutes with maximum load
  •  Wheels are made to handle all terrain
  •  You a load it up to 200 lbs. weight capacity
  • Shelf size could be bigger

7. Power Assist WheelbarrowPower Assist Wheelbarrow

There are lots of good electric wheelbarrows on the market, but this one is something else. It is great because you can load up to 200 lbs. without any problem and handle it on both level and hilly terrain. It comes with 24 Volt Battery drive system, which is great because it is environment-friendly.

It has a two-wheel drive system which means that you can easily maneuver and turn it around. There are controls such as reverse and forward, and you just have to push a button in order to handle it.

It has various speed gears with the possibility for power burst for hilly terrain and it can move up with a load on 15 degrees incline. It is made from the poly tub and rugged steel frame. 13 inches wheels can easily handle the toughest and roughest terrain. It runs on 12 V battery unit and charger is included in the package.

  •  It is perfect for hauling sand, sod, rocks, dirt and much more
  •  Two-wheel drive for simple maneuverability
  •  It operates on 24V battery
  •  You should purchase additional battery just in case

8. PAW-Power Assisted Wheelbarrow 44023 Power Assisted Wheelbarrow with 29 by 42-Inch Steel Cargo DeckPAW-Power Assisted Wheelbarrow 44023

This particular best electric wheelbarrow is made for light-duty work and it is battery powered which means that you can easily charge it and use it without any additional problem. It is way better than manual one and it will make a handling piece of cake.

It works on 24 V battery and it contains 29 x 42 inches steel deck that can haul various items. It is perfectly made for shrubs, sod, wood, rocks and much more.

The weight capacity is 200 lbs. maximum and it is perfect for people who want to maintain their yards and gardens. You will get a battery charger within a package which is way more convenient than similar products in the same price range. There are reverse and forward controls that you can manage them with a single push of a button.

  •  It is powered by 24 V battery
  •  It contains big steel deck that can carry various items
  •  It is perfect for people who want to maintain their gardens
  • SIt is expensive

9. YARDMAX YD4103 Power Wheel Barrow, 660 lb. Capacity, Briggs and Stratton, CR950, 6.5 hp, 208cc

Its makers say: Max Performance, Max Value, Max Supports, and they aren’t deceiving you! Although you will be forced to get out of your way a bit if you want to buy this little helper (as it’s quite expensive), it will be worth it.

With the Yardmax, the job will most surely be done right, with an ideal combination of good performance and pragmaticism. Whether you’re a professional worker or just an ordinary folk doing some construction, you’ll find much use in this wheelbarrow. Compact, agile, but still very powerful and able, this product can move around very heavy stuff even in close quarters where there isn’t much space.

It is one of the most serious contenders in the heavyweight category- it can take up to 660 lbs and still operate smoothly. Loading and unloading was never this easy, as well as maneuvering on the uneven ground.

  • It can handle up to 200 pounds of weigh
  •  Battery can last up to 10 hours
  •  You can use it indoor
  •  It is very heavy in weight

10. Snapper XD SXDUC82 82V Cordless Self-Propelled Utility Cart with 3.7 cu. ft. Cargo Bed

electric wheelbarrow

The Snapper XD uses a battery that can last up to 3 hours.- 2.0 Ah Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium-ion battery. This wheelbarrow has two forward and reverse speed options, and can go up to 2.6 mph.

Its reinforced steel frame is specially made so that you receive maximum durability and stability when transporting heavy cargo. The maximum voltage of the battery (without any load) is 82 volts.

As is the case with many other products in this list, maximum weight that it can carry is 220lbs or 100 kg. Be careful not to overload, as this can lead, not only to the damage of the product itself, but it could also inflict serious injuries to the machine’s operator. Finally, both batteries and charger are purchased separately from the product itself.

  • Good price
  •  180 min. battery life
  •  The battery can last up to 10 hours
  •  You will have to undertake additional research and buy the charger and the battery, as they are sold separately


We have presented you the 10 best electric wheelbarrows that will ease your life, especially if you want to maintain your garden and to create amazing landscapes. There are lots of features that we have mentioned here, and you should try to research them before you purchase because electric wheelbarrows are an investment that could pay off if you choose wisely.

  • Best Overall – According to customers and users from all over the world, the best electric wheelbarrow is WORX Aerocart because of balanced performance, price and comfort during the work.
  • Best Price – We have to mention again this amazing and best electric wheelbarrow WORX Aerocart that you can purchase for only $133.99.

Top Rated Electric Powered Wheelbarrows

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