10 Best Post Hole Diggers in 2019– Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

10 best post hole diggers

Best post hole diggers are one of the must-have tools of a versatile and experienced gardener. It is used mostly for digging holes for fences or signs, but, of course, you can use it whenever you need a hole in your garden. Unlike some other tools, it leaves a narrow opening, which is why it is quite handy when it comes to inserting narrow objects into the ground. This way, you aren’t left with the mess that is so frequent when you use other tools like spade or shovel.

Best Manual Post Hole Diggers 2019 :

NameDimensionsHandle MaterialCheck Price
The AMES Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger – 1715100
6.5 x 6.5 x 60 inchesFiberglass
Bully Tools 92382 14-Gauge5.2 x 6.5 x 59.5 inchesFiberglass
Razorback Post Hole Digger 33 " 6 x 6 x 39 inches

Structron Grain Scoop

(Most Affordable)

1 x 1 x 1 inchesFiberglass

Posthole Dggr Wdhdl7.25"9.5 x 9.5 x 73 inchesHardwood
Ames Post Hole Digger with Ruler - 27016006.5 x 6.2 x 58.8 inches

6.5 in. Post Hole Digger6.5 inchesFiberglass
Nupla PHD4 Classic Post Hole Digger6-1/2 x 48 inches
Mintcraft PRO 33241 Pro Wood Handle Post Hole Digger 7 x 7 x 69 inches


(Best Overall)

1 x 1 x 1 inches


There are two types of post hole diggers:

  1. Manual post hole diggers, or post hole pincers, are something that first comes to mind. They are easy to use, robust and usually modestly priced. However, they all, to some extent, have a certain flaw. Namely it is the mechanism itself that can sometimes pose an insurmountable hurdle to your digging-because most pincers possess few blades that are inserted into the ground and then brought together by moving the two handles apart, which allows you to pull out the soil, they tend to be quite useless when it comes to digging deeper holes, as you are unable to move the handles in the opposite direction. However, post hole diggers or pincers still remain a reliable and must-have tool of any gardener, and quite helpful in most usual gardening practices
  2. Post hole augers or drills. They compensate for the biggest flaw of the previous type and that is the ability to dig much deeper holes without any adversities. They are also completely mechanized, so no need for you to invest any manual energy, the machine does it all. However, much bigger prices set aside, this type of diggers also exhibit some flaws. For example, you are confined to a specific width, and if you perhaps need a lot of wholes of different width, you will find yourself changing the drill bit each and every time.

Best Electric Post Hole Digger

XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger Fence Plant Soil Dig Powerhead with 4" Auger Bits Set
  • Strong and Durable -The auger drill bit is made of high strength manganese steel, well withstand impact, extrusion, material wear and other bad working conditions. Sprayed with durable black paint,...
  • Safety Lock - Powerhead is equipped with a safety lock function that prevents any accidental triggering for added security.
  • 1200W Heavy Duty Motor - 1,200 Watts, 10.9 Amps and 1.6 HP high performance motor delivers 90 ft-lb torque with 200 RPM speed

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This digger is light as a feather- one person can easily handle it without any problems. You can use it to make way for decks, fence posts, shrubs, and even for digging holes in the ice for fishing! If you opt for this particular digger, you will be able to choose from several categories of digger bits so you can accommodate your digger to penetrate the earth in the most efficient way possible.

Fueled by a motor that has 10.9 AMPs, it will achieve the speed of 200 RPM (although with no load), which totals up to 1200W of power! You will need nothing more powerful to sort your yard out, what’s more, you will probably have more power than you need!

Best Cordless Post Hole Digger

Landworks Earth Auger Power Head w/Steel 6"x30" Bit Heavy Duty Electric Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger for Earth Burrowing/Drilling & Post Hole Digging (Earth Auger 6" Set)
  • THE GREAT CIRCLE UPPER HAND - Partner with us & join millions who are using our cutting edge equipment & technology to empower their everyday lives.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE: Unlike gasoline auger, battery-powered auger produce no smog and are quieter. This product is equipped with an overload protector to prevent the power head from overheating. The...
  • EFFICIENT: Our Power Head is designed with a 3-Planetary Gear Mechanism for higher transmission efficiency. A Brushless Motor makes the digging process more smooth & efficient. Item only weighs only...

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This particular product is eco-friendly and quite harmful, as it doesn’t use any gasoline! An overload protector will protect you from heat as well as from sharp-razored power-head. Handles are purposefully wide to give you as much balance as possible.

This item is extremely lightweight- it weights only 22 Lbs., with the battery that has the capacity of 2Ah. Unlike with some other augers, you WILL receive the battery with this one. Furthermore, if you aren’t satisfied with your 2Ah battery, you will be able to purchase special 4Amp Hour battery for maximum efficiency.

Best One-Man Post Hole Auger

RICE Hydro, Inc. DirtDawg Cub Heavy Duty One Man 6 Inch Auger Post Hole Digger with GX35 4 Stroke Engine
  • 6 INCH AUGER DIRTDAWG CUB POST HOLE DIGGER – With Replaceable Pilot bit and teeth designed for standard ground, normal soil used to dig narrow holes to install posts, gardening etc.
  • HEAVY DUTY WELDED STEEL/FABRICATED IN THE USA - Made from 1-inch square tubing, with NO nuts & bolts to rattle off or come lose.
  • EASY TO USE/SAFE – Ergonomically design with 18" hand span for BETTER leverage, rubber grips with hip saver pad for a comfortable use.

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Imagine driving in a brand new Honda. It cruises smoothly, impeccably. Now imagine digging holes in the earth with a Honda motor. Say no more!

This product is assembled in the USA, with only the best heavy duty welded steel. There are absolutely 0 nuts and bolts that will unscrew while your biggest worry is the aesthetics of your garden.

Special ergonomic design will provide you with the most leverage possible. In addition, you will receive very handy rubber grips- comfortability and safety are granted!

The compact motor is surprisingly quiet. Other motors of the same size would literally destroy your ears, but not this one! So even if you have some little toddlers that sleep a lot but are very easy to wake up, don’t hesitate to dig around with this product a bit, because it’s very quiet!

Finally, powder coated finish will prevent any scratches, bruises, chips, color fading, etc. You will have to be very stubborn to damage the looks of this product.

Best Post Hole Digger For Clay Soil

Seymour 21306 AU-S6 Iwan Auger with Hardwood Handle, 6" Diameter
  • It is designed for general purpose use in a variety of soils
  • Steel blade is riveted to tough pliable iron yoke
  • Has a steel shaft with a welded steel t-handle

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Essentially this digger is one of the best all-around post hole diggers- in other words, it can be used in almost all types of soil. It will easily penetrate clay soil without any mishaps. With a 6’’ spread, it will extract a large amount of soil in each try.

With this product, you will also support American workers and factories, as it is entirely assembled in the USA. Even if you are particularly rough and energetic when digging around the garden, you will be able to change the handles, as they are replaceable. Speaking about the handles, they are somewhat different from most handles you find on ordinary post hole diggers, which makes digging a lot easier. For example, one enthralled customer praised this tool for its capabilities, because it proved to be very effective, even though he worked with an injured leg.

Best Post Hole Digger For Rocky Soil

Jackson 1706100 Kodiak Post Hole Digger
  • 12-Gauge blade
  • 6.25-Inch point spread
  • Heavy duty carbon steel head with Hercules pattern

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This post hole digger,  one of the best ones, is not only heavy, but it is also heavy duty! Sure, using it will almost feel like doing some heavy exercises, but why not? Not only will you get your garden sorted out and even get through rocky soil, but you will also spend those excessive calories. No more feeling guilty because you ate that burger that was “too much”.

The blades are 12 Gauge, made from good-old carbon steel. Customers also praise its handles, so you don’t have to worry about those nasty blisters. This is very important because, as we’ve mentioned, this digger weight quite a lot. Roots, rocks, or any other thing that stands between you and your ideal garden, this post hole digger will care of it.

So if your garden has a lot of rocks, roots, etc., and in the same time you are a type of person that loves sports and outdoor activities, search no more because this is the best post hole digger for you.

Best Fence Post Hole Digger

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This particular product is very good for digging fence holes because it has gigantic 8’’ blade spread. Its handles are highly adjustable, meaning that it will adapt to your needs and preferences. With its massive spread, you will be able to dig holes that are quite deep in only one go. It is good for all soil types.

Let’s see now what some reviewers said about it: “Like a BOSS”, “It digs delightfully”, “ Looking to dig holes with minimum effort and mess? It’s hard to beat this!”. It is obvious that people are absolutely delighted with this digger. Probably the characteristic they value the most is the adjustability of blades, as you can adjust the width in no time and with practically no effort at all!

Finally, it comes in a very nice blue color, whereas most (wooden) post hole diggers aren’t even painted. So if you value aesthetics besides efficiency, this is the right choice!

10 Best Manual Post Hole Diggers

1. The Ames Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger

10 Best Post Hole Diggers

This is one of the most innovative designs because it contains a set of ergonomic fiberglass handles that make your work much easier and hinder free you from those nasty blisters, while also preventing knuckle collision. The fiberglass also provides you with maximum durability and strength. It has a somewhat intricate mechanism which reduced the travel distance of handles by 40%. Of course, this means that you will be able to dig deeper holes, without your handles hitting the sides. 

The blades are made of steel carbon which is undoubtedly one of the most robust materials available. With them, you will be able to dig holes in almost all soil types, even the harder ones, those that contain more firm materials. Of course, always be careful not to overstrain your tool.

Some reviewers even say that the product comes in one peace, which is, of course, a plus. The product comes with a 90-day warranty. If you succeed in ruining this product in less than 90 days, then you are one hell of a gardener, or just plain sadistic. Joke set aside, let’s see some more reviews.

One of the most frequent comments is that the product is incredibly reliable, and gets the job done. On the other hand, it is too heavy for some people, and there are few reviewers that mention the looseness of nuts and bolts after some time of use. This last problem is very minor.

In the end, it is important to note that this is one of the most popular post hole diggers on Amazon

  •  Innovative ergonomic design that reduces the chances of injury and makes the product more efficient.
  •  The new mechanism makes it much easier to dig deeper holes.
  • Strength and durability
  •   It can be quite heavy for some people
  •   Nuts and bolts tend to loosen a bit

2. Bully Tools 92382 14-Gauge 

Compared to the first tool presented here, this one has a more classic shape and mechanism. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is enough of a testament to its sturdiness and durability. These characteristics are also confirmed by numerous customers that left their honest review. The handles are made from heavy-duty fiberglass with triple wall construction while the blades are made from high-quality 14-gauge steel, which makes them resistant practically to every weather condition. It breaks easily through densely packed soil and hardpan. What’s more, it is specifically built so that it reduces strain and increases leverage.

Some reviewers state that it cuts easily through various sorts of material like clay, and tree roots. Others praise the amount of soil that can be extracted- in other words, the blades are made in a way that they can receive a lot of material- which means that you are under much less strain having to dig less.

There are reviewers who adopted a bit more are under. For example, they are unanimous about the fact that the parts are bolted together whereas the product would be much more durable if they were welded together. They say that this characteristic makes you unable to twist the tool in while it is in the hole. Also, unlike the first product presented here, this one is done in a classic style. This means that there could be some problems when it comes to digging deeper holes, which is sometimes necessary.

  •  Limited lifetime warranty
  •  Extreme durability- it can cut through everything that pesters your garden!
  • High capacity- less strain
  •  Parts are connected together with bolts, which can get loose and flimsy over time
  •  There could be some problems with deeper holes

3. Razorback Post Hole Digger 33 “

10 Best Post Hole Diggers

This one has a similar design to the first product mentioned here. Due to this, you shouldn’t worry about the knuckle collision, which was a big problem with more “classical” looking post hole diggers. As a result, this tool could be your reliable companion in the endless endeavors of garden improvement, which most reviewers confirm.

On the other hand, there are always some reviewers that are bit more irritated. They mostly say that this tool is quite heavy. When we see the weight of this product- 16 pounds ( about 7.5 kg), it is not impossible for anyone to imagine being absolutely exhausted by carrying this digger around your garden for some time.

Like with most diggers, the handles of this one are made of fiberglass-you can see a trend here. However, with this one, the blades are a bit larger and have a tighter bite, which essentially means that you will be able to extract more soil with every try.

Probably the biggest minus is the fact that there isn’t any information about the warranty. So you will be forced to call the company that produces it and further inquires about this matter.

All in all, this post hole digger is quite similar to the first one represented in this text. Their prices are practically the same. There are some differences, and one of them is popularity. This one is less popular, which is evident from scarce reviews.

  •   Innovative design- reduced knuckle collision
  •   Bigger blades and tighter bite- much more soil extracted
  •   It doesn’t represent an appropriate competition to other similar, if not completely same, products
  •   No information about warranty

4. Structron Grain Scoop

best post hole diggers

Here is another one with a fairly classical design. No fancy innovations, some would say complication, only the good old design. From what’s been previously said, somebody could infer that classical post hole diggers are somewhat inferior to the new ones. However, that’s probably not the case. In the end, this decision depends on what you’re looking for. For example, we’ve seen that one of the biggest flaws of the Razorback Post Hole Digger- the last one that was described-  was its heaviness. And here what’s good about Structron Grain Scoop digger- it’s practically lightweight. It is almost half the weight of the Razorback Digger- 9 pounds (about 4.2 kg).

This characteristic, of course, makes it much more practical in your everyday work around the garden. It is important to stress the word everyday. We say this because reviewers generally state that they needed the digger for a brief period. But, if you are the person who routinely digs holes, or does so for a living, you will be smart to seriously consider the purchase of Structuron Grain Scoop digger.

Interestingly the blades are made from 15- carbon steel, an ultra sturdy material.

In all, this product could possibly be a great buy. It has the old but proven design, that will easily get you over any obstacles you may come across while arranging your yard. Probably most importantly, this one is the cheapest product so far, which, along with every other characteristic mentioned so far, might make it highly desirable for some customers.
  •  Very good price
  •  Very good price to quality ratio
  • Sturdiness
  • The product is lightweight, especially when compared to other products from the same branch
  •  It has the same flaw that every classically made post hole diggers possess- questionable ability to dig deeper holes

5. Posthole Dggr Wdhdl7.25″

best post hole diggers

We continue with another classical design. However, there are some differences between this product and the last one. Unlike the last one, this one is a lot heavier- it weights more than 16 pounds (about 7.5 kg). This, of course, will make the everyday maintenance of your plants and property a bit more difficult. There is also the positive side of its heaviness- it will probably be much more hard to break this tool, and, provided that you workout regularly, its heaviness will provide you the much-needed stability and balance.

The reason for this is the material- hardwood, from which this digger is built, which is to a certain extent unusual for this category, because, as we’ve seen, the most frequent materials are fiberglass or usual wood.

The reviewers are absolutely enthralled by it. There is a general consensus that it is an incredibly reliable and well-built instrument. Consider this fact with a rational caution- most of the people that bought it aren’t used to fiberglass handles, which is why they’ve made a choice to by something that hasn’t got them- they just like that good old touch of hardwood. On the contrary, if you like your hands nice and soft, the fact that it lacks proper handles could be seen as a bit of a setback. It may be so that this product is best for serious amateurs or even professionals.  If you are not one, you might consider the“easier” option and something else from this list more interesting. Or you might simply like your hands too much and have chosen to purchase something that has proper handles.

Finally, the sum you are to pay for this little helper isn’t insignificant. Compared to the last element of this list, this one is significantly more expensive. This fact further justifies the conclusion of the last paragraph- if you are dedicated to maintaining your flora (and may be fauna), and do it on a frequent basis, then search no more, this tool is for you. On the other hand, if you are only momentarily in need of something that will help you in your organizational endeavors, then it may be smarter to consider some other options.

  •  Fairly simple, not a lot of parts that could be broken.
  •  Made of hardwood.
  •  Your palms might suffer
  •  Compared to similar products, the price is high

6. Ames Post Hole Digger with Ruler – 2701600

best post hole diggers

This one is a bit more peculiar, in a good way. For example, it comes with a measuring stick engraved on the handle. This could be of immeasurable importance for some construction tasks- instead of reaching every time for your pocket, setting aside everything you did up until then, you just have to look at your handle. Simply put, measuring the depth of holes was never this easy.

It is most frequently utilized for making space for fence supports, decks, and mailboxes.

The last digger was severely criticized for its lack of handles. This one comes with oversized cushion grips. In other words, the chances of you getting blisters from overstraining yourself are minuscule.

Once again, the material of choice was hardwood. You have, however, the alternative of buying a fiberglass version, for which you will have to add a few dollars.

The testament of its efficiency and possibilities comes from one happy customer: “My wife has me digging 30-inch holes across the whole meadow. Hell, they are big enough to receive a body. If you read the news titled “Death  by Post Hole Digger” you’ll know the truth”

The same customer goes on to boast the digger’s ability to cut through even the hard desert terrain. It goes without saying that almost all purchasers find the measuring scale extremely useful.

It this tool, for some reason or another, wanted to do boxing, it would most surely go into a lightweight category- 8.85 pounds (less than 4.5 kg) is most surely alluring for ones that don’t consider the garden work as an exercise

  •  Extremely useful measuring scale
  •  Oversized cushion grips- even for the ones with extremely big hands!
  • Lightweight
  •  Some parts are attached together with bolts, which, according to some reviewers, makes this instrument more susceptible to breaking.

7. 6.5 in. Post Hole Digger

best post hole diggers

Not a lot of research is needed to conclude that Fiskars’ manufacture is close to flawless. They went on and tried to develop a design that will help you even more whenever you need some pillars, fences or mailboxes inserted deep into the ground. However, the chances are they didn’t quite do what they wanted.

Firstly, Fiskars gambled a bit and tried to solve the main problem of the old way of manufacturing, which, we see, even beside this problem, is relevant even today. The handles meander a bit as they approach towards the end, opposite to the blades. This is probably done to attain better ergonomics, a goal that, although attained, stays in the shadow of some bad characteristics.

It is impossible to neglect the fact that:
  • There is a surprisingly small number of reviewers
  • The ones that did leave their comment are in no way biased towards praising this digger, quite the contrary

Although mitigated by the nice depth the product is supposed to be able to reach, this essential lack of strength and resilience is something on which a majority of reprimands will be centered.

There is no information about the weight, further lowering the chances of this tool being interesting to someone.

And, finally, the price. For something of such a low sturdiness, the sum you are to pay is all but preposterous.

  •   Innovative design
  •  A lot of good faith is needed if you are to deem your investment rational- there is virtually no information on which you can base your judgment.
  •  Some people say it broke on the very first hole.

8. Nupla PHD4 Classic Post Hole Digger

best post hole diggers

The Nupla PHD4 Classic is kind of like an all-around player that can be useful for a lot of teams. For example, although it is not as lightweight as the last (insert name) mentioned, it is far from being too heavy, as it weighs about 11 pounds.

It has so-called closed back blades made from heavy-duty gauge steel and quite long handles. It has a butt grip to alleviate the struggles of horticulture admirers. This is, to a certain extent unusual, and it could possibly prove to be a bad solution because the grips don’t exactly cover a lot of surface. As a result, your hands might slip, which inturn could possibly cause some seriously discomforting cuts and bruises.

As mentioned, this is an all-around good player, any position suits him, but he doesn’t really excel at any of them. So it might be best to use this tool like a smart team manager. He keeps this all-around player on the bench, just in case any of the first team players get injured. If this happens, our the Nupla Classic will surely be a very good substitute.

The good thing is the price, further discounted at the moment. So if you want this product, be sure to quickly buy it and don’t miss that nice discount.

  •  Interesting grip design
  •   Moderate weight
  •  Doesn’t really stand out when compared to other alternatives
  •  Grip can prove to be too small for some customerss

9. Mintcraft PRO 33241 Pro Wood Handle Post Hole Digger

best post hole diggers

Probably the best thing about this product is its name- it infallibly reminds one of the popular game Minecraft. Isn’t it a bit strange that this simple coincidence is its best characteristic? Not so much, after you inspect it a bit, and most surely after you buy it, following which comes a bitter surprise.

One reviewer complained that the tool came with some screws missing. This is a serious problem, because not everybody is versatile in the workshop, and even the ones that are will buy this product and expect it to be ready to dig straight away. You don’t buy something brand new and expect that you will have to spend additional time on repairing your (new) buy. Except with Lego’s.

Joke set aside, let’s continue with the review. The product weight a bit more than 9 pounds. Finally one good thing. The price which comes a bit to the possibility of reviewing the Mintcraft a bit more positively, but the price’s just not enough.

It includes grey lacquered head, but, on the other hand, it completely lacks any comfortable handles or grips. We’ve already ranted about the difficulties this could give rise to.

Another unhappy customer’s claim could even be used to briefly sum this product up: “ Nice boxing- cheaply made”. Say no more.

  •  Lightweight
  •   Good price (and good package)
  •  Most likely to be delivered in an unsavory condition
  •  No handles to relieve the pressure from your palms


best post hole diggers

For the last one, we’ve saved this beauty. Its totally black, slick, elegant, and most importantly, professional. Almost every customer praises this and some even mention that it is the only product of this category worth buying.

It almost completely made of steel, hence the weight of 14 pounds. Even the handles are made from steel. This is probably the instrument’s main setback- it has almost the same weight as more recently designed diggers.

It is used to dig holes deep beneath the frost line, and for footings. You don’t need to bend and risk straining your back. The tool almost does everything on its own.

  •  Probably one of the most endurable on this list
  •  Good looking
  •  Weight
  •  Price


Without a doubt, the best post hole digger is Union Tools Razorback Steel. Looks, quality, resilience, endurance, everything is fused into one reliable  tool. It even deals nicely with the one of gardeners’ most bitter opponent- it is the best post hole digger for rocky soil.  Agriculture, land cultivation, construction or even simple pleasure, this beast of a product does it all.

Structron Grain Scoop is the most affordable post hole digger. Incidentally, according to our humble opinion, it is the second best post hole digger, after the Razorback Steel. It has an almost perfect balance of good price and quality. It costs half the amount which you are to pay for Razorback Steel.

So there you have it. We’ve narrowed down your choice to two alternatives, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier- these two products are very good, each in its own way.

Top Rated Post Hole Augers

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