Black-eyed Susan Viine (Thunbergia Alata-white) 20 Heirloom Seeds Price: $5.39 (as of 12/12/2019 11:30 PST- Details)

Commonly known as Black-Eyed Susan Vine, this profusely blooming climber grows from Thunbergia seeds, and it’s quite an attraction in the summer garden. The orange Black Eyed Susan vine features 1 – 2 inch orange blooms, many with black eyes, against large, heart-shaped foliage. It’s a fast climber, and it will adorn a rustic gate, mailbox, flagpole base, or trellis with a twining vine, lush foliage and masses of blooms.
Thunbergia orange vines makes wonderful privacy screens if they are grown at the base of chain-link fencing. Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan vine grows best in full sun. They needs average, well-drained soil.
Plant seedlings 3 inches away from supports. Netting or strings make good trellis material. Solid fencing or large posts will need trellis material for the vine to climb. Space plants 8 – 12 inches apart. Pinch the tips of young Black-Eyed Susan plants to encourage branching.In areas of no frost, Thunbergia will grow as a perennial. In colder climates, grow it as an annual, sowing the Thunbergia Alata seeds each year.

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