Kapok (Silk Cotton Tree), Ceiba Pentandra, Tree 20 Seeds

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The Kapok tree is a majestic tree of tropical rainforests. It can grow to a height of 200 feet (sometimes growing as much as 13 feet per year), towering over other trees in the rainforest with many plants and animals living in the branches. The straight trunks are cylindrical, smooth and gray in color. Trunks can reach a diameter of 9 feet. Large spines protrude from the trunk to protect the young trees against animals. When the Kapok gets large enough it stops producing the spines and
the original ones gradually wear away. A buttressed root system effectively supports the kapok. The buttresses, which can extend out over 30 feet from the main trunk, allow the tree to resist all but the most forceful hurricanes. They also serve to store moisture, providing a reserve water supply for the kapok during periods of extended drought. The wood is a pinkish white to ashy brown in color with a straight grain. The crown has an open umbrella shape with the branches growing in horizontal
tiers and spreading widely. Flowers open before the leaves appear and are clustered on small, new branches. The 5 petals of a flower are about 2.5 cm long and are creamy white or pale pink. Flowers open in the early evening and Bats are attracted to the flowers and facilitate pollination. The seed pods are about six inches long, woody, smooth and pendulous, with a light green color. They will burst open while still on the tree after the leaves have fallen. Inside a whitish cotton like fiber

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