Pack of 50 Cactus Succulents Seeds, All Succulent Varieties Mix, Small (Comes with Free How to Live Stress Free Ebook) Price: $8.97 (as of 02/08/2020 21:00 PST- Details)

Pack of 50 seeds; Germination can sometimes take 10 to 180 days, depending on variety; Darion’s World is the only authorized seller of Potomac Banks products
Tiny seeds, almost as fine as dust, such as lithops, other succulents and some cacti can be difficult to handle; Sometimes, in fact, the packet seems to contain nothing except a trace of dust-sized particles
Use a small pan or pot for sowing, about 4 or 5 inches is adequate; Fill the pan or pot to overflowing with the seed compost, then firm it first with your fingers, then with a wooden presser

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