Professional Billhook Brush Axe Imported Japan Steel With its Fine Serrated, Curve Sharpened Blade(Overall Length 18inch x Blade 7inch Length x 3inch Width). Price: $43.95 (as of 05/07/2020 09:01 PST- Details)

This is a Wonderfully Handy Tool for Those Quick Trimming Jobs Around the Edges of Planted Beds, Walkways, and Other Areas. Light, and Very Easy to Manipulate, So You Can Work Exactly Where You Want To. The Serrations Cut So Aggressively That They Even Allow You To Cut Small Branches Making it an Exceptionally Versatile Gardening Tool.
Made of Japan Imported Heavy Gauge of High Tensile Manganese Carbon Steel .
Precisely Heat Treated for Maximum Strength to Meet The Standard of Professional and Industrial Use..

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